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Do you have any burning questions that you have a need to know the answers to? All questions must be based around a YES/NO/MAYBE answer. For example, you may ask “will I find a new romantic partner soon?”, I can then proceed to find out intuitively when that may happen for you. These are very quick but effective readings and can deliver a fair amount of insight.

Questions can be given to me via the “Notes” section of the Checkout screen, under “Additional Information”.


What are Pendulum Readings?

Pendulums are small, weighted objects, such as a crystal, wooden or metal shape that dangles from a chain or thread. It relies fully on intuition to answer YES/NO/ questions but can also answer with a maybe if the outcome is unclear. It answers with a series of movements to indicate its response. For me my pendulum circles round for a YES and side to side for a NO. It allows me to tap into the energy of the situation and sometimes bring forth further information around the query.

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  1. Charlotte (verified owner)

    Couldn’t of asked for better service! Answers are very clear and even have a description would fully recommend

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