Tarot Card Reading: Love


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Delivered via email. You will receive a detailed document, including pictures of your reading.

Love Tarot readings connect with your situation to deliver information to you based around your relationships. This can be relationships of a romantic nature, friendship, family and importantly love within you and how you see yourself. It will highlight any potential blocks, to help you move forward or how to proceed with existing relationships. Is your soul mate just around the corner?


What are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are a very old spiritual tool which is used to show potential paths, outcomes and energies around a person, event or situation. They can point out any obstacles which we may encounter, offer encouragement and words of wisdom and also clarify concerns and anxieties we might have, but also reveal to us new beginnings, joyous events and personal reflection. The tarot will help you obtain information from your higher self, allowing you to make more informed, better life choices, while acknowledging your free will. It is completely your choice if you CHOOSE to listen and take action.

A tarot deck contains 78 cards, so it’s brimming with knowledge, and although some of the cards may look a little intimidating, there is absolutely nothing to fear, as the card meanings all have your best interests at heart. They will never tell you anything that you don’t need to hear.


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