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Delivered via email. You will receive a detailed document, including pictures of your reading.

General Angel Card readings cover a broad spectrum of your life. This type of reading allows information to come forward that you need to know without being restricted to just one area such as love, or life purpose. It will touch on which ever areas you need to work on or which need to be bought to your attention, with the love and support of your Angels.


What are Angel cards?

Angel cards are very similar to Tarot cards in that they are a deck which can be used for guidance and information about the person sitting for a reading. They can give insight into love and relationships, career, finances and generally about life over all in a manner that embraces total love and light. They are soothing and nurturing in energy because they connect to lighter, higher realms of beings such as the angels. We all have angels who come into our lives to guide us, protect us and ultimately they always want the best for us. These can sometimes be known as guardian angels, who bring much so much love. Angels bring information to us from the heavens so that we may make more informed and improved life choices. As with Tarot though, the angel cards with only highlight areas and information so that we still retain our own free will. That means we as souls having a human experience here on earth, are free to make our own choices. We are still masters of our own fate, whether we choose to listen to the guidance or not.

5 reviews for Angel Card Reading: General

  1. Hannah

    I had never had a reading before and didn’t know what to expect. I was put completely at ease and everything was explained perfectly. The experience was very grounding and helped me really understand my worries and make plans to establish a new way of looking at life and the issues I have faced. I will most certainly be coming back in the future and can’t recommend her skills and services enough.

  2. Natasha (verified owner)

    Louise Reads intuitively translated my mixed mind chatter into clear emotional responses to the situations in my life. And she offered me insights into how I could better deal with them to get the best result. I sometimes seek readings when I am looking for hope in the future – but Louise Reads offered a calming clarity of perspective to the now that made me feel confident in my capabilities. Gentle, nurturing, positive and powerful. Thoroughly recommended. I’ll be back for more when the time feels right.

  3. Joelle Blatz (verified owner)

    I had no idea what to expect when I reached out to Louise, just very curious! I absolutely loved my reading, it made my hands tremble within the first paragraph because everything she told me was so accurate to how I’ve been feeling lately. My reading made me feel completely at peace with my worries & gave me such a good insight on what my future has in store for me. I have already recommended her to family & friends & I’m sure I will be back in the future when the timing feels right!

  4. elpemble (verified owner)

    Louise was spot on. I was quite shocked and her words have really helped me realise a few things and prioritise my emotions based on what is best for me. I will definitely be back for more readings

  5. Louise Watchorn (verified owner)

    Aww louise ? i don’t know how to thank you – some how this dosnt seem enough!! Everything you said sits where it should, and my letter A in spirit was just who i needed. Pls from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I know where I’m heading and I know who’s with me and that is all I need!! ??

    I can’t put into words how completely wounderful this lady is – all i will say is try it out for yourself, you will defo be in awe!
    Thank you so much �� xxx

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