Angel Card Reading: Past, Present, Future




Delivered via email. You will receive a detailed document, including pictures of your reading.

Past, Present and Future Angel Card readings allow your angels to be straight forward and to the point. They will show you where you’ve been emotionally and physically and how far you have come, to where you stand in the here and now, as well as delving into what is coming up for you, and the best way to approach your future, with their loving guidance.


What are Angel cards?

Angel cards are very similar to Tarot cards in that they are a deck which can be used for guidance and information about the person sitting for a reading. They can give insight into love and relationships, career, finances and generally about life over all in a manner that embraces total love and light. They are soothing and nurturing in energy because they connect to lighter, higher realms of beings such as the angels. We all have angels who come into our lives to guide us, protect us and ultimately they always want the best for us. These can sometimes be known as guardian angels, who bring much so much love. Angels bring information to us from the heavens so that we may make more informed and improved life choices. As with Tarot though, the angel cards with only highlight areas and information so that we still retain our own free will. That means we as souls having a human experience here on earth, are free to make our own choices. We are still masters of our own fate, whether we choose to listen to the guidance or not.



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